In 1935, Faith Temple (then called Faith Tabernacle) began as a home meeting where a small group of believers met together to worship and hear the Word. Before long, George Shea was raised up to pastor this small assembly. Pastor Shea carried a strong anointing for powerful healings and miracles. His accurate prophetic words were also a hallmark of his dynamic ministry.

The church had numerous locations throughout the years and in 1953, the congregation of Faith Tabernacle purchased land on Elmwood Avenue and had its first building erected in 1967. Four more buildings have been added to the Elmwood Avenue site since then, which has led us to our vision for expansion.

In 1988, Pastor Shea's daughter, Rev. Mary L. Edlin, was placed as the Senior Pastor of the congregation. Her ministry is one of integrity and restoration. Many lives have been changed through her anointed ministry.

On April 24, 2005, the mantle of senior pastor was handed off once more. This time, Rev. Mary L. Edlin's son, Rev. Stephen G. Edlin and his wife, Pastor Darla Edlin, moved into the headship where they minister side-by-side in anointed preaching & teaching, worship, prophecy, healings and miracles.