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Giving  codes

Revival: revival
Building: building
EHCI:  ham
Benevolence: bene
First Fruits: firstfruit
Loving More: general
Lucille Faust: faust
Agape: agape
Project Lighthouse: lighthouse
Compass Care: compass
Ted Shuttlesworth: ted
Loving More: loving
Karen Torres - torres

Missions: missions
Firm Foundations: jones
Other/Seed: seed
Dovidio: dovidio
Destiny: destiny
Heroes of Faith: general: heroes
Laurena Pyle: pyle
Church Plant: plant
Rhema International: rhema
Zion Ministries: zion
Youth Ministries: youth
His Hand Over Africa: eugenio
Outreach: outreach
Kings Kids: sterns
Legacy: legacy
Guest Ministry: guest
Maxwell: maxwell
Bible Missions : walkers
Remix: remix
Saving Grace: grace
Children's Ministries: children
Siriano: siriano

loving more

Faith Church Missions Support 

In 2011, we began our annual Christmas offering called "Loving More". All the proceeds from this offering go directly to many great missions and outreaches that are making a difference both internationally and here in Rochester. We give to ministries that serve the underprivileged, unfortunate, and unsaved in our community and around the world. Without these ministries, some people will never know Jesus, some may never receive the medical help they need, some may not be able to get their lives back on track, and some may never get a good education.


Each year we give an annual seed-faith offering called Firstfruits during. It’s when we honor the Lord by giving our best offering to Him. We plant a seed in faith for something significant to happen this year in our life.
We have truly come to understand this year that learning how to walk by faith is more important than ever before. Our trust must be in God alone. What are you believing for this year? What are you stretching your faith for? We are coming into agreement with you that every promise God has in store will be released to you this year.